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August 10, 2019

"CONSTRUCTION UPDATES":  A new section has been added below for the purpose of communicating details of activities and progress as we move forward with our property improvement plans. Updates will be provided by our VP Tony Piano and posted in this section for your reference.

August 8, 2019  

NOTICE TO BAY VIEW PROPERTY OWNERS:   The HOA Board has mailed out a letter this week to all Bay View unit owners (condos and garages) regarding bank loan approval and plans for upcoming property upgrades and costs. The letter is also posted below to download and print as needed. Please note that the prior assessment of $1000 for 2020 has been cancelled and replaced by the new payment schedule outlined in the letter. Owners who paid part or all of the 2020 assessment in advance will be issued a refund by the board Treasurer.

Please use our HOA e-mail account for any correspondence about this or other matters of concern/interest:

Loan approval notification (docx)


Construction updates

Additional Information

**Watch this segment of our website to keep appraised of construction scheduling and progress.  This site will also post temporary parking changes to facilitate equipment and temporary walkway closures when new planking is replaced.  No access will  be disrupted overnight to any condo.

August 10.  Begin pressure washing and prep work, board replacements where necessary.  Painting the following week to include sides and soffits as well as the trash bin structure.  Colors will match those being used on buildings. The current doors and door trim will remain as they were just painted last year and the color is compatible with the new.