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News & Announcements

September 4, 2019


Please see the document downloaded below ("Letter to PSA Board") for information about proposed changes in management of the Eagle Pointe Golf Course.  Any questions or concerns/input about this matter should be directed to Glenn Adams, our village representative on the Board (as well as our HOA Pres--thanks Glenn!)

August 10, 2019

"CONSTRUCTION UPDATES":  A new section has been added below for the purpose of communicating details of activities and progress as we move forward with our property improvement plans. Updates will be provided by our VP Tony Piano and posted in this section for your reference.

August 8, 2019  

NOTICE TO BAY VIEW PROPERTY OWNERS:   The HOA Board has mailed out a letter this week to all Bay View unit owners (condos and garages) regarding bank loan approval and plans for upcoming property upgrades and costs. The letter is also posted below to download and print as needed. Please note that the prior assessment of $1000 for 2020 has been cancelled and replaced by the new payment schedule outlined in the letter. Owners who paid part or all of the 2020 assessment in advance will be issued a refund by the board Treasurer.

Please use our HOA e-mail account for any correspondence about this or other matters of concern/interest:

Loan approval notification (docx)


Letter to PSA Board (pdf)


Construction updates

Additional Information

**Watch this segment of our website to keep appraised of construction scheduling and progress.  

This site will also post temporary parking changes to facilitate equipment and temporary walkway closures when new planking is replaced.  No access will  be disrupted overnight to any condo.**


August 10, 2019.  Begin pressure washing and prep work, board replacements where necessary.  Painting the following week to include sides and soffits as well as the trash bin structure.  Colors will match those being used on buildings. The current doors and door trim will remain as they were just painted last year and the color is compatible with the new.

August 27, 2019. Construction Progress update at Bay View HOA:

Pressure washing on the garage buildings has been completed and the primer coat is being applied, although somewhat hampered by weather.  The primer coat is not the final color, which will match the Hardi Plank on the buildings.  The primer coat is a breathable coating with anti fungus added to avoid mold issues. 

Construction of the retaining walls is scheduled for the first week of September, assuming the weather cooperates.  Will keep you posted here!


Windows:   Many of us have issues with our aged windows and would like to do something to correct them.   We have asked UHQ for a quotation to replace windows. Attached to this site (See "Downloads" below) is a copy of the window catalog and the quote from UHQ. It is a quality double hung window with a high insulating value and additional ultra violet coating for heat block from the sun.  They are easily cleaned from the inside. Windows would be installed at the time the siding is being replaced on the building, resulting in a lower labor cost.  In addition if we have a total of ten windows there will be an additional $50.00 per window discount, or $100 per unit if you replace all the windows in the front. If you are interested you must commit by October 1st as lead time is eight weeks. Simply copy the UHQ contract, place your name on the top and attach a deposit check to UHQ in the amount of $900.00 and give it to Tony Piano, Unit #16. If you have any other questions contact Tony at 941-993-8229. 

September 3, 2019.  Barrow's Excavating will be starting  removal and construction of the retaining walls next week.  Please watch the windshield of your car for notices of when you will need to find an alternate parking place for a couple of days..  This is needed to facilitate the equipment, trucks, etc.

Thank you

September 23, 2019.  An update from Tony--

1. Reminder--If you are interested in new windows please review the UHQ quotation posted on our site (see Downloads below).  It is approximately $2700 to replace the windows in the front of the condo.  If you want to move ahead with this please just print the quote, place your name and address at the top, sign it, and give it to Tony Piano (Unit 16) along with a deposit check for $900 made out to UHQ Construction.  Call Tony if you have any questions.  941.993.8229.   If we achieve a total of 10 windows the priced is reduced $100 per condo.  

2.  Phase One of the retaining walls is completed.  Phase Two will have consideration after the buildings are completed.

We are meeting with UHQ on Monday to review logistics for siding and walkway replacement.  The really good news here is that we have been moved up on their schedule and they anticipate starting November 1st.  With a little weatherman help they should complete a building in 3 to 4 weeks. I will keep you posted on all the details.

3.  The painting on the garages is completed as well as replacement of some bad boards and sheathing.  The response from everyone has been extremely positive.  We will be installing new light bulbs on the garages and condos.

October 24, 2019.   The confirmed start date for UHQ to begin siding and decking replacement is Monday, November 11th. They will start with building 1 and progress from there to each building, expecting each one to take approximately three weeks to complete. Weather permitting!

A "Construction Notice" letter will be e-mailed and posted on the front doors of owners for each specific building when a firm date has been established to start work on your units.  A copy of the Notice letter for building 1 has been downloaded below as a template/reference and you are encouraged to look it over as soon as possible to let Tony P know of any concerns.