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 Each village in the pointe community is governed by a Homeowners association with an  elected board of administrators. Bylaws have been established by each entity, and the board members are accountable for maintaining and complying with those guidelines. each HOA also has a designated representative on the community-wide Pointe Services association board.                                                      


About Us


Bay View HOA Board of Officers

 The Bay View Homeowners Association (HOA) is an incorporated entity guided by a board of officers elected annually by HOA property owners. Every Bay View HOA household in good standing is entitled to one vote for each open board position and other items of business at the annual meeting in June.  

Any member in good standing is eligible to serve on the Bay View HOA Board. Board positions are all voluntary and receive no compensation. 

Board meetings are held quarterly, and are open to all owners and residents.

Meeting minutes and budget documents are available to owners upon request.

2019 Bay View HOA Board

Glenn Adams, President

Tony Piano, Vice President

Roger Chaney, Secretary

Diane VonFoerster, Treasurer

Melanie Miller,  at-large

Please visit the "Contact Us" page to contact any of us!

Handbook for owners and Renters

Bay View Handbook 2019 (pdf)



Bay View Bylaws (PDF)